What are some secret terms teens use on Facebook?

Michele Borba
With the rise of internet communication, kids have developed a secret lingo for texting and social media; it's key for parents to know some of the most common terms. Watch educational psychologist Michele Borba, EdD, share some of these terms.
Shawn Edgington
Teens are now using secret Facebook language to stop parents and employers from being able to monitor their social activities such as partying and drinking. Teenagers want to share their experiences they had at the Friday night party with their Facebook friends, but they don't want their parents to know the details.

Instead of writing they are drunk, teens post "getting MWI" which stands for "mad with it." Being in a relationship is known as "taken" or "Ownageeee," and "Ridneck," a corruption of "redneck," means to feel embarrassed. This new language has been created to keep teen activities secret from parents and goes far beyond the abbreviations that are commonly used in text messaging.
  • Guide = Experienced drug dealer
  • Bagging = Describes the action of using inhalants in order to achieve an euphoric state of being
  • Co-Pilot = A friend who has agreed to stay sober while the other child is taking hardcore drugs like lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) or inhalants
It's clear that the creation and use of their own social language is a deliberate attempt to keep parents and adults from understanding what is written on their Facebook profiles, and to cover up the truth about drinking, sex, drugs, or other behaviors they don't want parents or adults to know about.

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