What can be done to make sure restaurants are clean?

Peter DeLucia
Health Education
To ensure a restaurant you are going to is clean, you can do some online research about the history of health inspections for that venue -- especially if you are planning a big event. Watch public health specialist Peter DeLucia, MPA, share his tips. 
Arthur W. Perry, MD
Plastic Surgery
Cleanliness starts with management that does not tolerate sloppiness. But even with health laws in place, penalties are not forceful enough, mostly because it is difficult for the public to find out which restaurants are filthy -- the reports are well hidden. So, here's a case where the public needs to be protected by stronger regulations. The heavy hand of the law needs to come down hard on dirty restaurants.

New York City and California have started grading restaurants A, B, and C on their cleanliness. The grades will soon be posted in their windows. That allows you, the consumer, to vote with your dollars. Clean restaurants with an A deserve your dollars. But if you see a B or C, unless you like spending time on the toilet, stay away from those joints.

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