How should I protect my teenage girl from dangerous websites?

Michele Borba
My first suggestion: SAY NO to these sites. Block those that you can. Put post-it notes on your computer that list sites that are never-ever to be viewed (and set a clear consequence).

If you haven’t sat down with your kids and had “the media talk” and reviewed your computer standards, you don’t have a moment to lose. If you haven’t turned on those filters or figured out how to track your child’s visits in cyberspace, get cracking. And if you haven’t taught your kids the “Walk By Rule,” plop them on the couch tonight and explain:

“The Walk By Rule means if I ever walk by our computer — which will only be kept in a central place that I can see and touch– and notice you covering up the screen and shutting down a window, I will pull the plug. ASAP. No questions asked.”

Meanwhile, stay vigilant, tune up your values, monitor those computers, hug your kids—and stay involved (as in very involved) in their lives.

And stress, stress, and stress again: “Who you are inside is what matters.”

Outraged? I hope so. If we weren’t concerned enough about our daughters’ emotional well being, these sites should take us to the blood boiling level.

These are just three of many toxic sites that I’m nominating for the “Internet Hall of Shame.”  What are yours?

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