How can I prevent distracted driving?

You can prevent distracted driving by taking a personal pledge to never drive distracted. You can do the following:
  • Always avoid texting and talking on hand-held devices.
  • Also avoid talking hands-free or engaging in intense conversations with passengers.
  • Review maps or GPS prior to travel so that you know where you are going. Only use a GPS program that can talk to you and provide verbal directions.
  • Do not eat or drink, apply makeup, read or do anything else that takes your mind, eyes or hands off the road. Driving is NOT the time to multi-task!
If you are a passenger, offer to help with answering the phone or using the GPS. If you notice the driver becoming distracted and possibly becoming unsafe, bring it to their attention.

Consider using an app that lets others who call or text you know that you are driving and will get back to them later. There are several good ones, including AT&T’s DriveMode app. Download the app at

If you are a parent, talk seriously with your teens about the dangers of distracted driving. Visit the website to view educational videos and take the pledge to never drive distracted. Get your employer involved in a Distracted Driving prevention campaign to educate coworkers.

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