How do I prevent drowsy driving?

To prevent drowsy driving, do the following:

  • Plan ahead by taking an afternoon nap before driving late at night.
  • Have some caffeine and then wait 30 minutes for it to take effect before driving.
  • Take a taxi or bus, or call home for a ride, instead of driving when you are tired.
  • Switch drivers if another alert driver is with you.
  • If sleepy, pull over in a safe place and take a 20-minute nap. Then, walk around to wake up before driving.
  • Don't drive after taking a medication that causes drowsiness, and never drink alcohol and drive!

This content originally appeared on the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) website.

To prevent drowsy driving, first and foremost get good rest prior to starting out on any drive. If you feel drowsy while driving, pull over and take a nap.

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