How can I avoid foods that have high levels of arsenic?

Gary Ginsberg
Medical Toxicology
New data from Dartmouth College has found elevated levels of arsenic in foods and infant formula that are sweetened with rice syrup. The data demonstrate the gaping holes in the regulation of our food supply, which is not a new story. But there is a twist here. Rather than the problem being imports from other countries, in this case, it's the domestic product that is more contaminated.

The take home messages at this point are:

1) Rice syrup -- minimize consumption until we know more; a little is not a big deal and it's not in that many things, but if it's in the things you like (e.g., higher end snack bars) you will want to moderate. Since high fructose corn syrup has its question marks, I'd head in the direction of honey or plain old sugar. If you stay away from refined highly sweetened food to start with you are way ahead of the game.

2) Rice -- imported rice is lower in arsenic; look for whole grain (brown), basmati or jasmine rice, which come from India and Thailand, respectively.

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