What features in a car are important for seniors to adjust for safety?

Newer vehicles have many features that can be adjusted for safety and convenience that are ideal for all drivers, including seniors. However, it is especially important to review safety features in older vehicles and to make the necessary adjustments as people age. Following are a few features to consider:

  • Head rests. These features are necessary for collision safety—they are actually head restraints. They are not optional in a vehicle and should not be removed.
  • Mirrors. It's important for people to know where the blind spots are in their particular vehicle. Adjustments can be made to side and rear view mirrors, or different mirrors can be installed to compensate for blind spots.
  • Proper placement of the driver's seat. A wedge cushion can help people position themselves at a proper distance from the steering wheel, gas pedal and brake pedal. It can also help to improve the driver’s view of the front of the car.
  • The tilt of the steering wheel can be adjusted. Many drivers forget about this feature that helps with both comfort and safety.

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