What are some dangerous websites for teenage girls to avoid?

Michele Borba
There are numerous websites that could be dangerous to teenage girls. A few are mentioned here:

The Bimbo Game
This provocative web site encourages young girls to give their virtual character dolls breast implants and use diet pills for crash diets.

Best-selling author Rachel J. Simmons works internationally to address bullying and empower girls and loudly voices her concerns. She says “Formspring is the latest cyberscourage for teens...There is zero, and I mean zero, value in this website and no girl or boy should spend a minute on it. Formspring creates unnecessary emotional risks. It legitimizes cybercruelty and divorces kids from responsibility for their words.”

Pro-Ana and Pro-Mia Sites
The pro-Ana (as in pro-anorexia.. or referred to simply as “ana” or sometimes affectionately personified by anorexics as a girl named Ana) and pro-Mia sites (as in pro-bulimia) promote the lifestyle of disorder orders. They also provide girls with “thinspiration” by posting photos of bony-thin fashion models.

Disturbing research finds that kids as young as ten are learning weight loss or purging techniques from these web sites.

A study at Stanford University found that 96 percent of young eating disorder patients admit  they learn purging and weight-loss methods while logged on.

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