What are some safety tips for my child in the kitchen?

Leigh Vinocur, MD
Emergency Medicine
Here are some key safety tips to prevent kitchen injuries:

– Never leave a child unattended in a kitchen (not even for a second) when cooking and never leave hot food or hot liquids within their reach.

– When cooking on the stove, cook on the back burners and turn pot handles inward out of reach of small children and push any mugs with hot liquid to the back of the counter.

– Designate a 3-foot area in front of the stove where kids are not allowed, use tape to help them distinguish this as a "danger zone." Consider placing a stove guard in front of your stove to prevent kids from reaching anything on the stove.

– Avoid drinking hot liquids while holding children on your lap.

– Always keep a fire extinguisher handy in your kitchen.

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