Why is it important to rest after running a race?

Running a race stresses your body. When you run, you use up metabolic fuel, enzymes and hormones. Running also causes damage to muscle fibers and connective tissues. So, your body needs time to rest and recover so you don't have more severe damage or injury. Rest immediately after you run a race of any length. Try light jogging to help your body cool down and flush lactic acid and other metabolic wastes from your tissues. This helps jumpstart the muscle repair process.

Recovering from a race is an important aspect of a training plan and yet is often overlooked or neglected by runners. Some runners are still feeling positive from a great race and are excited to get back to running, while other runners are looking for redemption for a less than ideal race. No matter the motivation to resume training, it is important to take time off from running and let your body rest and heal.

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