What run drills should I do?

Work on performing high knees, butt kicks, grapevine, and backpedaling.

High knees: bring the knees in front of the body up to the waist. This can be performed while moving forward or in place. Jump from one foot to the other while raising the opposite leg to waist height. High knees activates the hip flexor and targets hamstring and gluteus flexibility.

Butt Kicks: bring the heels of the foot to the rear either while moving in place or in a forward direction. Butt kicks activates the hamstring muscles and performs light stretching on the quadriceps.

Grapevine: Cross one foot over the other while moving in a sideways direction. This exercise stretches out the iliotibial band and works on coordination of movement.

Backpedaling: Run backwards. This exercise activates the gluteus and hamstrings and also works on ankle flexibility. Do each exercise for approximately 30-60 seconds. Work on increasing the speed at which the exercise is performed. Each movement will activate muscles that will later be used while running. They also work on balance and proprioception so that runners are more agile on their feet. This is particularly important for trail runners to avoid ankle sprains on uneven terrain, but is also applicable for road runners who also may encounter variable terrain.

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