Should sprinters incorporate hurdle drills into their training program?

Hurdle drills reinforce balance, stability, correct posture, body awareness, range of motion, and proper sprint mechanics.  Sprinters, hurdlers, and every event in track and field rely on those qualities for injury prevention and increased athletic performance. Hurdle drills are a great way to start your practice after warming up or a great way to conclude a practice. To get an even greater benefit from hurdle drills, perform them barefoot on grass or sand and try holding a medicine ball with extended arms over head to really force the lower extremity and core muscles to work. Hurdle walking drills consist of alternate lead legs over each hurdle, constant lead leg over each hurdle, side skips over every hurdle, over and under each hurdle, and hopping on one foot in between the hurdles and changing lead legs over each hurdle. Every session a sprinter does should either begin or end with hurdle drills.

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