I noticed when I run my knee hurt on the inside portion, what is this?

It is very possible the muscles that run down the inside of your leg are tight. They are called your adductors. When these muscles become tight, it can lead to pain on the inside of your knee. To help eleviate this, make sure you take yourself through a proper warm-up before running. First, foam roll the inside of your thighs (or adductors). Foam rolling is a form of self-massage that will help relax the tight adductor muscles. Next, statically stretch your adductors. This stretch will help lengthen the adductor muscle after it has been relaxed during the foam rolling. Third, perform a strengthening exercise for the outside of your hip (or gluteus medius muscle). Many times, if this muscle is weak your adductors have to do more than they're supposed to and as a result tighten. To strengthen your gluteus medius, perform 1-3 sets of 10-15 repetitons of lateral tube walking. Finally, perform a dynamic movement to help improve your overall lower-body control before you run, such as front lunges. Perform 1-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions of this dynamic movement. Following this basic warm-up will help prepare you for your running and ensure the right muscles are doing the right things when you run.

This pain on the inside portion of your knee may be coming from another part of your knee. Sometimes, pain from the patella, or kneecap, can cause pain on the inside portion of the knee. Several things to do would be: ice after activity; keep track of when the knee hurts and where it hurts; track the type of running workout that you have completed when the knee hurts; and seek professional evaluation for persistent pain. 

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