How do I train for my first half marathon?

Doing a half marathon requires a good cardiovascular base. To complete the half marathon distance you need to build up you cardiovascular and leg work capacity. The goal is to slowly add miles to your program weekly until you can do at least ten miles. If you are a beginning your goal might be to just finish the race. In this case the ten miles can be a combination of walking and jogging. Over time you should be able to do more jogging than walking but you can concentrate on that after your first half marathon. More advanced runners might have a goal to run the whole half marathon, in this case you long distance days will need to be done at a nice easy running pace throughout the distance. Along with the one day a week which you are slowly increasing miles you will have a couple of other days at lower distances. To help promote a balance you should do a couple of days of light weight training and on these days do additional cardiovascular work on equipment that will promote less impact that running outside, like a bike or an elliptical. 

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