How should I warm-up for a rugby game?

Warming-up before a game should only be slightly modified compared to daily rugby practice and training warm-up routines. Important factors to a pre-game warm-up include the following:
• Avoid fatigue
• Shorten distance and volume
• Keep intensity high
• Prepare mentally
• Stay hydrated
The athlete should perform drills and exercises that are familiar from practice and training. This will help keep the mind calm and provide the player with some comfort before a game. This is not the time to add new drills or exercises. Pre-game warm-up should progress from basic stretching to general exercise to specific rugby drills. Stretching the calves, hips (hip flexors), and thighs (hamstrings and quadriceps) is important to prepare the muscles for the work ahead. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds. After stretching, you can perform general exercises. Examples of general exercises include jogging, skipping, lunges, and push-ups. After 5-10 minutes of general exercise, game-specific exercise should be added. These exercises should start to mimic game speed, with plyometrics and skill drills, such as bounding power-skips, and be followed with cradling, passing, and shooting. The player should take this time toward the end of the warm-up to get a good feel for the turf and stadium layout. This is also the time to go through the game plan. The player should never forget the importance of staying hydrated.

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