My plant leg slips during rugby lateral moves; what should I do?

First, be sure to check your cleats. Make sure you have a good pair of cleats that are not completely worn down. If it is not the cleats, then perhaps you should assess and then train your balance or proprioception when performing agile movements.  A great exercise to start off with is a single-leg box hop-down with stabilization. To perform this exercise, balance on a single-leg on top of a box and jump down. When landing, land softly and quietly by bending through your hip and knee. Be sure to land with your knee over your second and third toes. Hold your landing for 2 seconds, and then repeat. When performing agility-based drills, try to make sure you have your supporting foot properly planted before continuing your motion. Focus on coming to a sudden stop while maintaining your balance before changing directions. This will help train your ability to stop and come to balance quickly before re-accelerating.

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