Should I eat before rugby practice?

It is important to get food and nutrients into your body before practice.&nbsp; You should eat a nutritious meal 3-4 hours prior to practice, or something smaller 1-2 hours prior. The key is eating and allowing plenty of time for your body to digest and get the food out of your stomach before you start practice. The timing differs a little bit for everyone, but if you eat something that is low in fat and fiber, or easily digestible, you should be fine. If you have a morning practice, wake up a little early to give yourself time to have breakfast.&nbsp; The worst thing you can do is sleep in and rush out of the door without eating, or eat just before practice, and then having it churn in your stomach while you are training. Be sure to drink plenty of fluid before practice and throughout the day.&nbsp; It&rsquo;s alright to experiment with different foods. If you do this, be sure to keep a log of what you ate, when, and how it made you feel during practice. <br />

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