How do I improve my endurance following an explosive speed burst in rugby?

Rugby is a sport filled with multiple speed bursts with sometimes little rest between them. It is important you mimic your conditioning and endurance training to game demands. Just running repetitive sprints or running around the track does have its merits, but for a rugby player it is important to add some agility endurance training as well. Add multiple agility drills in the form of a circuit. For example, perform a 40-yard shuttle with the turn-around set at 10 yards, and immediately after the shuttle complete a T-drill. Rest for 30 - 60 seconds, and repeat 8-10 times. Stay focused, and keep your intensity level high. If your form falters, focus and correct it without stopping the circuit. If you are still having problems maintaining your technique, take a longer rest period. Just going through the motions of a drill is a great way to develop bad habits, so make sure you perform each repetition properly and with purpose. 

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