9 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Your Moderate to Severe RA Treatment

To better understand your treatment plan, what to expect and how to follow it, ask your doctor:

  • Is my current treatment doing a good job of controlling my RA?
  • What should I do when I have an acute flare-up?
  • Are there other treatments that might be right for me (such as physical therapy, biologic DMARDs, surgery, or clinical trials)?
  • What are my medications and what will each one do for me?
  • How and when should I take my medications?
  • If you're prescribing new medications for me, should I keep taking the old ones?
  • What are the potential side-effects of my meds, and what can I do about them?
  • Are there any alternative therapies that might help?
  • How often should I come back for follow-up visits?

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