What is Renova (tretinoin)?

The prescription cream, Renova, is basically Retin-A plus a moisturizer, which decreases the redness and burning associated with Retin-A. The active ingredient in Retin-A and Renova is tretinoin, a vitamin A derivative.

You must use these products daily for months to notice improvement, and it will probably last only as long as the cream is used.

Renova and Retin-A may make the skin sun-sensitive, so wearing sunscreen and protective clothing during treatment is important. Side effects include redness, dryness and sensitivity.

Oral or topical use of retinoids during pregnancy or while planning a pregnancy should be avoided.
Renova (tretinoin) is 0.05% emollient of vitamin A used to help renew the condition of your skin.

Renova works on rough skin and lessens the appearance of fine wrinkles.

It may also improve the appearance of minor skin spots caused by hyperpigmentation (excess melanin).

It is a prescription topical medicine applied directly to the face and should be used with a health care provider's supervision.

Renova is normally used once a day before bed, when a pea-sized amount is smoothed over the face.

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