What are the risks of using topical retinol?

Risks of topical retinol treatment include:

  • light flaking of skin or sensitivity to sunlight, early in treatment
  • interference with cancer treatments (Talk with your doctor before using a topical retinol or vitamin A supplement if you are receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy.)
  • risk of birth defects if too much is used during pregnancy (Discuss risks and benefits of retinol treatment if you are pregnant or nursing.)
  • overdose, resulting in vitamin A toxicity
  • allergic reaction (Do not use if you are allergic to any of the active ingredients in retinol products.)

Know that certain medical conditions and medications may increase your risk for complications. Do not use topical retinol if you are using any other products containing retinol or alpha hydroxy acid. Discuss your medical history and the medications you take with your doctor before starting retinol treatment.

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