Are Retin A and resveratrol different?

Retin A and resveratrol are very different compounds.

Retin A (tretinoin) is a drug. It's a form of vitamin A that is applied to the skin to treat acne or smooth fine lines.

Resveratrol is an anti-inflammatory compound found in many foods. It's most abundant in red wine and grapes. 

Animal studies have suggested that resveratrol reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's disease and other age-related conditions, but these benefits have not been confirmed in humans yet. 

Retin A and Resveratrol are different chemical compounds.  Retin A is a topical medication typically indicated for treating skin conditions like acne.  It is a prescription only medication. 

Resveratrol is an oral dietary supplement whose marketing claims to have potent 'antioxident like effects (such as increasing cell turnover).

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