What are the symptoms of radiation fibrosis?


The symptoms of radiation damage to the lungs and other organs can include high temperature and difficulty breathing during strenuous activity. The scar tissue characterized by radiation fibrosis can be painful and result in reduced range of motion. Radiation fibrosis can also cause wounds to heal poorly. These symptoms are not always pronounced. For this reason, radiation fibrosis may be discovered accidentally during exams related to other issues.

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Restrictive Lung Diseases

Smoking, exposure to irritants, and effects of chemo and radiation therapies may all be causes of restrictive lung diseases. These causes all relate to the lungs themselvesother causes may relate to the pleural linings or to muscl...

es used to breathe. Even extreme obesity can cause restrictions in lung movement, making breathing difficult. The type of treatment will depend on what restrictive lung disease you have. Treatment may range from steroids to cytoxins or external oxygen. In some cases a lung transplant should be considered.

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