How can restless leg syndrome (RLS) affect sleep?

Restless legs syndrome may cause you to get fewer hours of sleep each night. Many people with severe cases get less than five hours of sleep per night. Milder cases do not disturb your sleep as much, although the sleep may be of poorer quality.

The accumulated sleep loss from restless legs syndrome can make you excessively sleepy during the daytime, causing irritability and difficulty concentrating. These symptoms may have a major impact on your professional and personal life. People with restless legs syndrome are more likely to have depression or anxiety.
Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
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People with restless leg syndrome (RLS) often have a hard time falling and staying asleep because they have a crawling, burning, or itching sensation in their legs that only moving them will soothe. So they keep moving their legs to shake the unpleasant feeling, which keeps them awake.

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