Who is a candidate for hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

People who are eligible for hyperbaric oxygen fall into some fairly strict guidelines. Two common indications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy are wounds that fail to heal and diabetic foot ulcers. Those people are definitely candidates for the hyperbaric chamber and treatment with hyperbaric oxygen.

Other frequently encountered problems are crush injuries, such as injuries that might be associated with acute trauma, acute arterial insufficiency or radionecrosis of the mandible; these are all indications for hyperbaric medicine.

Dr. John T. Morris, DO
Vascular Surgeon

Candidates for hyperbaric oxygen therapy are people who have a wound and have tried traditional wound healing strategies and have not healed in an appropriate amount of time. For certain wounds, hyperbaric oxygen treatments may be indicated to help if all else fails. This can be used for people of all ages. Medical clearance is required before a person can undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

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