How do I obtain supplemental oxygen?

Many companies produce home supplemental oxygen equipment that you can buy once you have a prescription. There are many types of supplemental oxygen (such as compressed oxygen, liquid oxygen and portable systems), all of which have their own set of equipment and instructions. Once you have a prescription for home supplemental oxygen, you'll need to choose a supplier who will set up the equipment in your home and teach you how to use it. There are no "brand name" or "generic" versions, and there are many oxygen suppliers from which to choose. Which one you choose will likely depend on what suppliers are covered by your insurance and which type of supplemental oxygen your doctor thinks is best for you.

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What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?
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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy allows you will breathe 100 percent pure oxygen under increased pressure. ...
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Who is a candidate for hyperbaric oxygen therapy?
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How does hyperbaric oxygen therapy help heal wounds?
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How long do hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments last?
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