How will I feel during hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

The treatment is generally painless. Patients sit comfortably or recline during the treatment, while resting or watching television. You will experience a sense of fullness in the ears at the beginning and end of treatment as the pressure is adjusted. The sensation is similar to that which is felt when flying in an airplane or diving under water.

You will be taught a simple maneuver to avoid ear discomfort. Some patients will hear a crackling noise in their ears between treatments, which is relieved using the same pressure maneuvers. If the crackling continues it should be reported to the staff.

Some patients feel light-headed for a few moments following the treatment, but this is generally very brief.

Dr. John T. Morris, DO
Vascular Surgeon

During hyperbaric oxygen therapy you really don't feel anything. For the first one or two hyperbaric oxygen treatments people may have an issue with being in confined space, but they get over that very quickly. People usually choose their favorite movie and watch television for their two-hour treatment and don't really notice any significant changes.

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