How do I use my Flovent Diskus inhaler?

You should use the Flovent Diskus exactly as directed by your doctor.
The medicine is contained in the "Diskus," a flat disk-shaped inhaler that delivers 60 single doses. It also has a dose counter on the top.

The usual dose is two inhalations twice a day. To use the inhaler, follow these directions:

  • Hold the diskus inhaler in one hand, place your thumb on the thumb grip and push it away from you until you see the mouthpiece and it snaps into place.
  • With the mouthpiece facing you, slide the lever as far as it will go until you hear a click. 
  • It is now ready to deliver a dose. 
  • Before taking a dose, breathe out fully while holding the inhaler lever away from your mouth.
  • ** You should never exhale into the inhaler. 
  • Hold the mouthpiece to your lips and take a quick, deep breath through your mouth. 
  • ** Inhaling through the mouthpiece is what makes the powder come out of the inhaler.
  • Remove the inhaler and hold your breath for about 10 seconds and then slowly exhale. 
  • Always rinse your mouth with water after using Flovent Diskus and be sure to spit the water out; do not swallow it. Always spit the water out of your mouth. 
  • When you are done, close the Diskus so it is ready for your next dose. 
  • Do not wash the inhaler or try to take it apart. 

Do not use Flovent Diskus while you are experiencing an asthma attack: it will not work quickly enough to help you.

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