Can resistance training improve my posture?

Yes, resistance training can help to improve posture, provided that the exercises you perform are strengthening the muscles that need it most. Due to the amount of sitting that most people engage in on a regular basis, it is very common for the muscles on the front side of our bodies to become overactive and tight, pulling our chest down along with our shoulders, and pulling our head forward, giving us a slouched appearance. To combat this, you need to make sure that you incorporate stretches in your routine that will improve the flexibility of the muscles on the front of the body. Examples include the standing chest and sternocleidomastoid (neck) stretches. While stretching is important, you should also incorporating exercises into your resistance training program to strengthen the weakened muscles of the core and back that help us to stand up straighter, such as the plank and ball cobra exercises. Another consideration when doing resistance training exercises for improved posture is the amount of weight you use, the number of repetitions you perform, and the speed at which you do them. The muscles that help us to have good posture are more endurance-based, meaning they do not produce a lot of force, but the amount of force they do produce has to be maintained for long periods. Therfore, when doing resistance training exercises for improved posture, you should focus on using light weights, for high repetitions (12-20), and slower speeds of movement in order to adequately stimulate and challenge those muscles.

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