What are the benefits of metabolic surgery?

Keith Kreitz, MD
Bariatric Medicine
The benefits of metabolic surgery include weight loss that leads to remission in health problems. Doctors have historically done bariatric surgery for weight reduction but didn't put the pieces together of how closely weight affects conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. The data started coming in, and over years and years doctors saw the metabolic part: people getting healthier, getting a new lease on life and these health problems going into remission. If people keep the weight off the medical problems will usually stay away. But they will come back if the weight comes back.

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A number of studies have investigated which option is better for treating metabolic problems: medical management or metabolic surgery. Metabolic surgery is very rapidly proving to be a better alternative to medical managementAt a minimum, metabolic surgery may delay the long-term complications of metabolic problems by 5, even 10 years. Surgery would significantly improve the patient's quality of life. Nevertheless, it is difficult to determine if the results of metabolic surgery are permanent because data is still evolving.

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