How can I re-establish my relationship with my parents as an adult?

Lisa Oz
Health Education
The thing to keep in mind as you mature and attempt to approach your life with more awareness is that no matter what your parents were like, you are now an adult and are responsible for your own choices. You can behave differently from the way you were conditioned to. You do not have to react to situations based on how you felt as a four-year-old. It is not easy, but it is also not impossible.
Start with gratitude and forgiveness. Thank your parents for everything they have given you - including your very existence. Then, release the pain of their mistakes by forgiving them for where they fell short and for the ways in which they may still be imperfect. Try to re-establish your relationship with them based on who they are now, not the people you perceived them to be thirty years ago. Sometimes, your parents will resist the shift from an adult/child relationship to a more peer-based one. Just remember to be respectful; they are still your parents regardless of how old you are.

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