How can I make sure I'm not isolating myself because of my disorder?

Here are some tips you can use to avoid isolation:
  • Seek expert medical care so your symptoms can be better controlled, which will mean greater social freedom. Consulting a properly trained doctor with experience treating dystonia can make a significant difference in managing yoiur symptoms, pain, and fatigue.
  • When you feel isolated, tell family and friends what you are feeling. Talk to your doctor if you feel anxious or depressed.
  • Keep a journal of symptoms and feelings to help identify patterns that make a “good” or “bad” day. This will allow you to be better prepared for either occurrence.
  • Ask a family member or friend to help you explore new opportunities or try new activities.
  • Identify specific obstacles that may be preventing you from feeling connected or participating in an activity. Explore ways around those impediments.
  • Do not talk yourself out of opportunities. When you choose to opt out of an activity, imagine the outcome you are trying to avoid. Are you anticipating a catastrophe, a frustration or an inconvenience? A catastrophe may very well be a situation to avoid, whereas a frustration may be something you can handle with a little planning. An inconvenience may be something you can deal with relatively easily.
  • If getting from place to place is a challenge, find out if public transit is an option. Is there a local organization that can help you access transportation? Can you enlist the help of family or friends?

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