Will honesty improve my relationships?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

Try to be brutally honest. That means no fudging. So if you are late for your dentist, do not say, "The traffic was horrific," unless it really was. Do not exaggerate. Do not imply something that you do not know to be accurate, and especially do not make up justifications for yourself. This exercise sounds simple, but it is actually very tough. When you start to notice all the ways you bend the truth, you will be shocked.

Think of a situation in which you have been trying to get someone else to change. Fuss as much as you need to and then realize that it will never happen. Now, brainstorm some ways that you could change yourself to improve the relationship. Start with specific things you could do differently, then move on to ways you could think differently by changing your focus, and finally see where you could feel differently through creating new meaning for your experience. The relationship cannot remain static once you have committed to growth.

For one day, try to be aware of how you are connecting with people. Are you supporting the best part of them by offering the best part of yourself, or are you interacting at a base level? Are you bonding with one individual by shutting the others out? Are you making yourself feel better by putting someone else down? Are you encouraging another's negativity to indulge your own? Notice how even the most subtle of interactions has an intention. Attempt to keep that intention one that comes from a place of love and integrity.

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