What are the effects of lies and dishonesty?

Karyn Hall

Intimacy requires that you let yourself be vulnerable and open. To be vulnerable and open means you need to trust the other person. Trust is based on truth. You also need to know the other person is reciprocating with trust and openness to build an authentic relationship you can depend on. By definition an authentic relationship is based on truth.

Lies, deceit and dishonesty build walls and distrust. 

Dr. Kathleen Hall
Preventive Medicine
We live in a culture of dishonesty, in a time of lies. Many of us questioned our government's honesty after the faulty and distorted intelligence that led us into our disastrous war with Iraq. Corporations like Enron, Tyco, Bear Stearns investment bankers, and AIG Insurance betrayed our trust and wounded our belief in fair business practices. Food manufacturers have allowed tainted products to be sold in markets around the world. Banks have eaten up our homes. Teachers are plagued with teens plagiarizing information and purchasing papers on the Internet. Our government and corporations have been dishonest about global warming and have actually falsified documents proving how quickly our planet is dying. The Catholic Church has been dishonest about sexual predators who have destroyed the lives of innocent children. Mothers and fathers worry about the honesty of their children and install computer programs and video monitors to track their recreational pursuits. And people continue to betray and divorce each other despite solemn marriage vows.

Dishonesty is an epidemic that we have become so accustomed to that we have accepted and integrated its distortions into our daily lives, poisoning our relationships and our jobs and damming the flow of our spiritual lives. We can neither shine a light nor stand in someone else's light when we are in a perpetual state of hiding from others and ourselves.

We lie when we are afraid of what others will think. We lie to try to manage situations that are out of control, which inevitably spin further out of control. With each lie, the fear of being found out grows and more lies are required. We have to remember what we said and to whom we said it as we swirl into this destructive and exhausting pattern. When we try to hold back the truth, which naturally bubbles from the source, we divert the course of nature.
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