How do I recover from a breakup with my boyfriend, who drinks?

Sheila Dunnells
Addiction Medicine
Breaking up is always difficult. What is worse, however, is being in a relationship that has three people in it: you, your boyfriend and his addiction. In addictive relationships, the substance comes first. As his partner, you get what's left over.

The other aspect of dating a drinker is that too often, once drunk, the drinker becomes aggressive, obnoxious or violent. Give yourself credit for seeing the relationship for the problem it is, and caring enough about yourself to get out.

Usually, people with this kind of a problem, can hide it for the first three months. That's why I always say the "first three months don't count." The non-alcoholic spends days waiting for the guy she knew in the first three months to return. Sadly, he is not coming back. Not without recovery.

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