How can I deepen my personal relationships?

Yogi Cameron Alborzian
Alternative & Complementary Medicine

Any relationship we experience has the potential to be one of enrichment and fulfillment.  The extent to which we find such qualities in our relationships is defined by the intentions through which we pursue them.  

If we befriend someone because we looking to take advantage of their business connections, or are simply looking for them to fill in a social space in our lives, then we are going into the relationship with the intention to use the other person.  If we keep a friendship we've had for a long time even though we don't enjoy their company and do so just because we feel we should, then we're doing little more than fulfilling the intention to be polite.  The potential for any relationship is only as great as the intentions behind it are beneficial and productive.

To deepen your relationships, spend time contemplating why you're in them and how you might be able to serve those with whom you're sharing them. You will hopefully come to realize the value of them and then be inclined to invest energy into enriching them in any number of different ways. 

Arlene Feuerberg-Isaacs

You can deepen your personal relationships by learning to focus away from yourself and into the emotional feelings and personal concerns of the other person with whom you share this relationship

This can be true in any kind of relationship ranging from family members to marital partners and even to business relationships. In every instance it is important to be acutely aware of the emotional feelings and important concerns of the other person.

Arianna Huffington
Health Education

Relationships can become a doorway into a new life -- surrendering, growing, giving, creating -- or a revolving door that gives us movement without progress and deposits us back into ourselves, not as we could become but as we are.


To reach the depths of the beauty of our souls in our close relationships, we must be prepared to walk into the dark side of intimacy and out the other side into the light. Our most meaningful relationships are based on what we are capable of becoming, rather than on what we have been or what we are, on our longing for expansion rather than our preoccupation with comfort and security. To live exuberantly -- to fully know and be fully known -- we must be prepared to risk lighting a candle to illuminate the darkness of even our most intimate relationships, revealing ourselves and seeing clearly all that is revealed. To grow in our relationships and to expand as individuals within them, we must exchange the glorious unreality of the honeymoon for something even better.

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