How can I deal with conflict in my relationship?

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine
Pointing the finger never works in relationships. Placing blame, judging or analyzing your partner will only distance you from each other, so if the issue isn't all that serious (hello, toilet seat), then be playful and don't take yourself so seriously. Laugh at your own foibles, not your partner's. One of the best ways to give a little ground and prove to each other that you're in this together is actually one of the simplest (and hardest) for a couple to do: Say you're sorry every once in a while. It's the relationship Band-aid that can heal heck of a lot of wounds.

And ladies, don't talk to him like he's a woman. Women--typically much more in tune with relationship issues than men are--tend to have a better handle on communication, while men don't as easily pick up on subtle cues that women project in relationships. So teach the men in your life about these things, and don't assume he knows what you want (even if you think it should be obvious), so you both share expectations and can be happier.
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