How is Stockholm syndrome related to brainwashing?

Brainwashing and Stockholm syndrome are closely related effects of abnormal power relationships. In the case of publishing heiress Patricia Hearst, who was kidnapped in the early 1970s by the political extremist group Symbionese Liberation Army, experts have cited both Stockholm syndrome and brainwashing as potential reasons for her actions.
After Hearst was locked in a closet and severely abused for weeks, she joined the SLA, changed her name, became fianc with one of its members and was caught robbing a bank with the group. But after the police arrested members of SLA and Hearst was returned to her family, she reversed her position. Instead of defending the SLA and holding police officers in contempt, she distanced herself from the group and condemned their actions.
It's possible that what Hearst experienced was neither true brainwashing nor Stockholm syndrome, but instead was a series of choices she made consciously that were designed to ensure her survival.

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