How common are abusive relationships?

Bonnie Lynn Wright, PhD
Geriatrics Nursing

An educated guess says abusive relationships are very common. We do not know that for a fact or as an actual number, only a guess. Here's why:

  • no common definition of abuse or relationships either
  • no consistent way to gather the numbers people do collect across the country
  • no way to force people to disclose an abusive relationship

We do know that:

  • for 20 or 30 years now, according to national surveys done by a variety of researchers, reported abuse exists in a minimum of approximately 10% of the population both male and female.
  • with pregnant women and new moms approximately 35% report abuse.
  • reports of abuse increase in times of economic hardship.
  • abuse in dating relationships occurs just as frequently as abuse in marital relationships.
  • all types of abuse are underreported.
  • most people define abuse as physical assault only, adding to the underreporting
  • The divorce rate in North America has been just under 50% for decades, implying that abuse is common.

Personal opinion....the key to a long term successful relationship is kindness and mutual respect. These are the antitheses to abuse.

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