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Is CyberKnife the same as Gamma Knife treatment?

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    Is CyberKnife Surgery the Same as Gamma Knife Surgery?
    Afshin Rashtian, MD from Riverside Community Hospital discusses the differences between CyberKnife and Gamma Knife treatment in this video.
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    CyberKnife surgery is not the same as Gamma Knife surgery, but they're very similar. Radiosurgery is the umbrella term. If you receive radiation in a lot of fractions, it is called radiotherapy. But if you receive it in five fractions or fewer, it is called radiosurgery. It is exactly the same radiation tactic, but the differing number of fractions will determine if it is called radiosurgery or radiotherapy.

    There are different kinds of branding for radiosurgery and radiotherapy. One of them, the oldest and most well studied, is Gamma Knife. CyberKnife surgery is another kind of radiosurgery or radiotherapy. It's essentially just a different brand name although a very similar procedure.
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