How can I tell if an animal has rabies?

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    How can I tell if an animal has rabies?
    An animal may have rabies if they are foaming at the mouth, if they are stumbling around or disoriented, and if they get very close to you. In this video, public health specialist Peter DeLucia, MPA, explains how you can spot an animal with rabies.
  • Rabid animals may act violent, sick, or simply odd. A warning sign could be a wild animal that doesn't fear people or a nocturnal animal, such as a bat or raccoon, that appears in the daytime.

    However, an infected animal may be contagious for days before it shows any signs of rabies. If you have been bitten by an animal, seek medical advice immediately.

  • Animals with rabies may act strangely. For example, those that are usually active at night may be active in the daytime. A wild animal that usually tries to avoid people might not run from you. Rabid animals may drool, appear to be partially paralyzed, or act aggressively or strangely quiet.
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