Why do people smoke?

Ximena Jimenez
Nutrition & Dietetics
People may light up a cigarette for different reasons. One could be to cope with stress, difficult situations, or boredom. Another common reason people would smoke is to control, nicotine may increase metabolic rate and decrease appetite. For teenagers, it may be peer pressure or curiosity. If you are smoking to manage your weight, there are plenty of healthy alternatives. Don't forget you can visit a Registered Dietitian or visit 
Nicotine addiction is of course a primary reason for why people smoke, but it is not the only one. People often “fill” a number of needs through smoking. Here is a list of reasons people commonly give for smoking – and activities you might pursue instead. Talking back to that voice in your head that says “I smoke because…” can help you quit smoking and begin reaping immediate health benefits.
  • It is fun (Play catch with your kid instead.)
  • It helps me relax. (Instead take a hot bath.)
  • I like socializing with other smokers. (Join a smoking cessation group.)
  • It is a reward. (Give yourself a present.)
  • It gives me something to do with my hands. (Carry a worry stone.)
  • It relieves my boredom. (Try a crossword puzzle.)
  • It helps me focus/think. (Talk to a doctor or counselor about other ways to address your attention problems.)
  • It helps me forget my troubles. (Distract yourself with a good novel.)
  • I am talking on the phone. (Make phone calls only in places where you are not allowed to smoke and have pen and paper handy for doodling.)
  • I am driving. (Sing along to your favorite songs on the radio.)
  • I am hungry but can’t/don’t want to eat. (Drink herbal tea or hold a spicy, cinnamon flavored toothpick between your lips.)
  • I do not want to gain weight. (Talk with your doctor about how you can step up your exercise program to burn more calories.)
Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine
If you're like most smokers, you started back when you were a teenager. Why? Admit it, you wanted to look cool, seem more adult, impress your friends and annoy your parents. Soon cigarettes became more than that - a way to kill time, to relax, to calm yourself down, to have something to do with your hands, to keep your appetite down. You might have a lot of reasons to smoke, but the real reason you keep doing it is you're addicted to nicotine. 

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