How can I identify my smoking triggers?

Have you ever thought about why you smoke? Maybe it’s just a habit, but most likely there are specific triggers, such as moods, feelings, places, people, or situations that make you want to smoke. Maybe you smoke out of boredom, or maybe it’s a social activity for you. There are many reasons why people smoke. Whatever your reasons, identifying your triggers will help you anticipate circumstances before you light your next cigarette - so you can choose not to smoke and try doing something else instead.

Next time you reach for a cigarette, think about why you are smoking. Keep a log of reasons why you smoke, and then, next to each reason write down an alternate activity you can do instead. For example, if you smoke to keep your hands busy, try occupying your hands with a worry stone or squeezable stress ball instead. Next time your smoking trigger comes up, you’ll be prepared with a strategy to avoid smoking.

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