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Are there foods I can eat to prevent nicotine cravings?

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    Smoking cessation has many health benefits; however food cravings are one side effect that makes most people think twice about stopping. The following are foods that may help with your food cravings:
    • Drinking water helps to decrease the craving
    • Chew some gum
    • Fruits and vegetables: a study from Duke University shows that eating fruits and vegetables make cigarettes taste bad
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    Dr. Mike Dow - Are there foods I can eat to prevent nicotine cravings?
    Watch as Dr. Mike Dow discusses some foods you can eat to help prevent nicotine cravings.

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    Certain foods and beverages are thought to help you kick the smoking habit. Some foods, such as non-carbonated beverages like water and juice, fruit such as apples and bananas, dairy products like milk and cheese, and some vegetables like carrots and celery, can make cigarettes taste awful. Avoid foods that make the taste of cigarettes enticing, like alcohol, coffee and meat. There is some evdiance to support that foods like oats, oranges, spinach and brown rice help to overcome cigarette cravings.
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