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Can I quit smoking if I've tried and failed before?

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    Although effective new strategies have increased the success rates among people attempting to quit, those rates are still only about 20 percent. But a relapse shouldn’t be seen as a sign that trying to quit is futile. “If you’ve tried before, statistics show you actually have a better chance of being successful,” UCLA internist Mark S. McGowan, M.D., says.
  • It is still possible to quit smoking if you have failed when trying to quit in the past. In fact, it takes most smokers several attempts to completely quit. It is important to look at each quit attempt as a victory and keep trying to quit even after relapsing. It is most common to relapse within one week of quitting when cravings are the strongest, so it is important to have a support plan in place with family and friends for what you will do instead of smoking when you get cravings.
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