Why should my family get psychotherapy if I have a bipolar child?

Various forms of psychotherapy, or "talk" therapy, to include the child or adolescent and his or her parents and other members of the family are valuable and important. It is important that everyone in the family become educated about bipolar disorder and be kept up to date with current understanding and new findings, as research is ongoing in many countries throughout the world. Counseling and guidance for parents and siblings is essential. One must keep in mind that although it may appear that the child is in control of his or her behavior, much of his or her behavior is a manifestation of an illness of the brain, over which the child may have little or no control. The child may already blame him or herself for difficult and disappointing behavior. To experience the anger, frustration, disappointment and rejection of those people that the child is closest to and relies on for emotional and physical safety and security, may contribute negatively to the outcome of an already challenging course of life. While it is reasonable to expect family members to experience many of these feelings, working together as a family, with the guidance of skilled professional counselors or therapists, can help modulate those feelings and facilitate their expression in a positive and helpful manner.

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