What are the benefits of psychotherapy for bipolar disorder?

Psychotherapy is critically important in the treatment of bipolar disorder. Psychotherapy provides consumers with the opportunity to learn about their illness and then to develop ways of managing or coping with the symptoms. The goal for medication is to make the symptoms of bipolar disorder go away as much as possible. Psychotherapy can help people learn how to manage left-over symptoms. It is just like diabetes or heart disease. Although medications are used to make the symptoms go away in heart disease and diabetes, there are always behavioral interventions, changes in lifestyle and emerge as being just as important as medication. Either one alone is not adequate.

Several types of therapy, also called psychotherapy, are used to help provide the needed skills for managing bipolar disorder and daily life. Therapy can also teach you the "triggers" for moods, what someone says or does, or thoughts that triggered a "black" or low mood. Because the disorder also affects the entire family, marriage and family therapy can also help to improve the relationships with those close to you. Attend all of your therapy appointments; results are not instant, but can be long lasting. Research has shown that medications plus psychotherapy produce better outcomes for people with the disorder.

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