Can associating with certain people help me eat healthier?

It is so important to have support from family, colleagues, and friends when you are trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Having support from those closest to you may help you succeed.

Let the people who surround you know what you are doing and how important it is to you. Explain clearly what your goals are. If people understand, they are more likely to respect and support your efforts. Rally for others to join you! When you have a rough day or are tempted to give up, it's nice to have accountability partners who help you stay focused. It is also great to celebrate with others when you reach a milestone.

It takes someone with amazing resilience and fortitude to determine to be healthy if they don't have support from family or friends. I know of people who actually thrive in this atmosphere; 'proving the doubters wrong'. If you are this kind of person, kuddos to you! If not, simply remove yourself, as much as possible, from a situation where you are made to feel guilty or sabotaged for your efforts.

Remember, you can take control of social situations too! If your friends want to chat over coffee, suggest taking a walk instead. If the guys want to have a beer after work, present the option to shoot hoops at the park.

In summary, make sure you are clear to your family, friends and co-workers that you are striving to become more healthy. Rally for their support and find accountability partners. If you can't find support, try to avoid an unhealthy atmosphere. Be pro-active in social situations and suggest healthy alternatives.

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I am a big believer about motivation and support groups.  When you are around negative people it is very hard to get under the negativity cloud and many times it will creep into our lives.

The opposite can be said for positivity.  When we are around positive people the likelihood of being more positive sky-rockets.  If we are around people who eat horrible and if we are trying to eat healthy then chances are they will not support us and we will look and feel like outsiders.  However if you associate and hang out with people who eat well you have a greater likelihood of being around people who will support your decision to eat healthier.

We all want to feel validated, we all want to feel accepted.  There can be a lot of negative energy around someone who is eating good and being around a large number of people who are not.  Time and time again I have seen that if people are around those who support their habits positively then their chances of succeeding improves greatly.

There are scads of research indicating that health is contagious – hanging out with people who follow healthy lifestyles begets a healthy lifestyle. It’s viral, like catching a cold. Thus, the best way to influence how people eat is simply to eat and act healthily in front of them. This has been shown in children, families, adults.

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