If I workout, do I need to supplement with a protein powder?

If you are just working out, you will not need a protein powder. Is there a reason you might? Yes. Protein powder is used to replace or supplement food protein when food is inconvenient or unavailable. Generally, foods high in protein (chicken, beef, fish, etc) are costly and require cooking and preparation. A protein powder can be used at those times when you do not access to these foods or have the time to prepare and cook them. If protein foods are not your favorite and you tend to fall short on it in your diet, a powder can help you meet your needs. Protein powders tend to bring in fewer calories attached to the protein grams. A steak, due to its fat content, can add a significant number of calories to the protein in the meat. Protein powders often are just the protein calories. This is why a lot of bodybuilders or dieters may use them because they help to control excess calories. If you are eating sufficient calories and your protein intake is equal to or greater than what your body needs, there is absolutely no benefit to taking a protein powder.

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