What is the maximum daily dosage of instant protein?

You should not exceed the recommended amount of instant protein according to the package label. Different brands have different amounts of protein per serving, and you should not consume more than the recommended amount according to the label. Too much protein in your diet can harm your kidneys and liver as they filter the by-products when the protein is breaking down. Excess protein consumption can cause these organs to be strained.

Chad Kramer
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Typically, 20-25 grams of protein per meal for most individuals but no one, unless instructed by their physician, should consume all their daily protein needs from a supplement. Use a protein supplement to add protein as needed to your normal daily diet. The best way to determine how much protein you need is to take your weight in kilograms (divide weight in lbs by 2.2) and multiply it by .8 and this will determine your protein requirements. If you are interested in a high protein diet, there really is no reason to have more than 40 grams of protein of any type, per meal, for any individual. If you are interested recipes using a protein supplement you can visit the dotFIT Profile page:

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